Largest Terrace Enclosure and Pool Enclosure Showroom in Europe

Alukov company opened the largest pool and terrace enclosures showroom in Europe.

Pool and terrace enclosures

Official opening of the largest Terrace Enclosures and Pool Enclosures showroom

On Thursday Jun 12 at 5pm sharp Alukov and Compass Pools opened the gates of the most luxurious and at the same time largest showroom of pools, pool enclosures and CORSO terrace enclosures in Europe. In the city of Wels eight luxurious pools were introduced together with eight superb pool enclosures and four terrace enclosures and inovated hot tub enclosures with unique shading system.

The CEO of Alukov and Alukov Austria Mr. Jan Zitko and the CEO of Compass Pools Austria Mr. Karl Holzer welcomed many precious guests including the Czech ambassador in Austria Jan Sechter and Slovak ambassador Juraj Machac.

“It is not easy for a Czech company to grasp the demanding Austrian market. Austrians not only have high standards for stylishness but also very high quality standards. We consider the success of Alukov in Austria a proof that we do our job well and we can be proud bearers of the name Alukov in this market. It is the result of many years of hard work which triggered founding an Austrian company at the beginning of 2014 – Alukov Austria.” Mr. Zitko explains.

The cooperation of Czech, Slovak and Austrian companies was also stressed by the Czech ambasssador in Austria Mr. Jan Sechter:

“Support for Czech companies is a priority of me in Austria and it is pleasant to see success of Czech business here.”

From Friday 13th to Sunday 15th the showroom is open day for wide public. There is drawing lots and you can win a luxurious pool together with superb enclosure and an exclusive and original terrace enclosure CORSO. From Jun 13. the showroom will be open on regular basis for any visitors.

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