• Extend your swimming season from spring to fall
  • Capture the heat from sun or from additional heating
  • Reduce the costs of water heating and prevent heat loss
  • Save time for maintenance of the swimming pool
  • Reduce water check frequency and chemicals use
  • Prevent skin cancer with UV radiation filter
  • Reduce damage to the pool caused by cold weather
  • Protect children or pets from falling in water
  • Enjoy swimming in the open air on hot days …simply retract the enclosure
  • Relax in privacy!


The polycarbonate enclosure acts like a greenhouse. Direct exposure to the sun rays warms up the air and water within the swimming pool enclosure.

At the start of the season the water temperature in an unheated pool covered by pool enclosure rises by 2°C per day when exposed to direct sunlight.The water temperature also rises on clear days even when there is no direct sun.

Evaporation of water from the swimming pool leads to loss of heat. If the temperature difference between water and air is 3 degrees Celsius, a 32 m2 pool will lose 40 litres of water per day, and an 80 m2 pool will lose 100 litres per day.

A pool enclosure slows down the evaporation of water from the swimming pool – by isolating the water surface from the external atmosphere and by decreasing the thermal gradient.

An effective additional method of reducing water evaporation is to spread a solar bubble or foam covers over the water surface. Solar bubbles directly exposed to sun and frost are not durable and become dirty easily. But when they are used under an pool enclosure they perform their function very well.

The combination of a bubble or a foam cover with an swimming pool enclosure is a highly successful way of reducing water heating costs.

If you get too warm inside, just move the segments of the enclosure, and in a few moments you will be swimming in the open air.


Photogallery of low swimming pool enclosure CORONA

Photogallery of medium high swimming pool enclosure UNIVERSE

Photogallery of high swimming pool enclosure OLYMPIC