Snow on Your Patio

How to Use Your Patio in Winter?

Enclose it with Patio Enlcosure

Patio enclosure under snow from outside

Tons of snow around patio cover

Snow load on patio cover

Enjoy sun under patio enclosure in winter

Patio cover in snow

Patio covers are durable and withstand lots of snow


About The Author

Jiří Kubeš

Executive Director of IPC Team - your enclosure company. I manage over 40 enclosure companies around the world with base in Czech Republic. We sell highest quality retractable terrace and pool enclosures.

2 thoughts on “Snow on Your Patio

  1. I would like to have more information about this enclosed patio. I think there is a company in New Jersey?

    1. Hello Margarita Sanchez,

      YES, you are right, our branch is in Monroe Township (details below). You can contact Alex and I will also provide him with your email.

      If you want to check the branch out, please visit:
      Yellow pages:

      Pool & Spa Enclosures LLC (USA)
      10 Centre Drive
      Monroe Township
      NJ 08831


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